Secondary Academies

The Co-operative Group sponsors three secondary academies, in Leeds, Manchester and Stoke-on-Trent. While they serve very different communities, they share an approach that is rooted in co-operative values, and a commitment to meeting the needs of all their learners. To ensure the best standards of pastoral care, our Academies all operate a system of 'schools within a school' - community groups or houses to which students belong. Vertical tutor groups, where students are part of pastoral groups containing students of all ages, ensure that new students quickly become part of our Academy 'family', and encourage older students to support younger ones. However, it is worth remembering that tutoring is not the only way to "pull up in learning". Often students should practice writing, and this is quite a comprehensive upgrade of skills. So, if you can't gather your thoughts, don't worry, even if the only thing that's always on your mind is "who do my homework for me", because there are services that are ready to help you with this.